Who is Kelly Graham?

Kelly Graham is a wife, entrepreneur, and mother to two teenage daughters. In the early 2000s, she left a successful sales career to start a family. However, after the birth of her second daughter, she struggled with chronic pain and bewildering health issues.

Determined to find answers, Kelly sought care from the best doctors in the country. She knew the answer was in healing her body from the inside out.

This journey changed Kelly’s life forever. She now devotes her time to building her company, Aleavia, into one of the preeminent prebiotic skin care companies on the market.  

Kelly is fiercely passionate about healing the skin microbiome and educating anyone who will listen on the power of prebiotics.

Her health issues have prompted her to scrutinize the chemicals inside of most mainstream skincare products – and the destructive effects they have on our health.

Kelly is dedicating this year to record a series of podcast episodes to educate and provide answers from a variety of sources and experts. In addition to sharing lessons from her own health struggles, she’ll also feature:

  • Top doctors committed to healing people from the inside out

  • Disease prevention experts doing incredible advocacy work

  • How to ditch the chemicals for good and still have radiant, healthy skin

Latest Episodes

Episode 1

In her first ever podcast, Kelly Graham discusses her dark journey dealing with repeat miscarriages, the physical and emotional toll it took on her body, and how it set her on a path of health and wellness that ultimately culminated in her starting Aleavia Skin Care in 2014.

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How it all started

In 2013, it was by complete chance that Kelly met an environmental chemist who had been working 20 years on some exclusive prebiotic formulas.

Incredibly, the chemist’s formula was made from only seven plant-based ingredients, yet produced incredible results on the skin.

Kelly put it to the test on her family and couldn’t believe the results. Her daughter’s chronic keratosis was gone in 20 days, and her own skin was the most vibrant it’d ever been – even in her 40’s.

Immediately, she felt a calling to share the healing power of prebiotics with the world. After a year of intense research, testing, and collaboration with her formulator, Aleavia was born.

Aleavia is not just another company looking to push a product. It represents Kelly’s desire to see you and your family in the best health of their lives.

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